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March 5, 2019 – As part of our Biola Lacrosse Connections newsletter, we feature a player from the current team, and ask them “Why did you choose to join the Biola lacrosse team?” March’s featured player is Garrett Scannell. Garrett is a junior midfielder from Arcadia, CA. Here’s why Garrett chose to play lacrosse at Biola:

I have been playing sports my entire life, mainly baseball and football. Due to an injury in my throwing arm my junior year of high school I could no longer throw a baseball. So, as I began my first semester at Biola I remember being in the dorms hanging out with a few guys on the floor who had also been playing sports their whole lives, and we all wanted to continue to be active. One of them mentioned trying out for the lacrosse team as a joke, but the next week we all went out.

With no lacrosse experience I was only expecting the absolute worst and was ready to completely embarrass myself. But, the exact opposite happened. Right away I felt accepted into the team and it was more like the players and Coach Klett were excited for me to start this journey. And what a journey it has been! Now I have a family away from home and I strive to be a leader and example for all of the new players who come out everyday, continuing to help them grow in their skills, as brothers, and as followers of Christ.

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