We want YOU to join us at Biola!

Thank you for considering Biola University, and our lacrosse team, for continuing your education and athletic experience. Playing lacrosse at Biola is a unique experience, and one that you will remember for a lifetime. As a Christian university, we strive to integrate our faith with our sport, to grow and mature in the Christian faith. Because of this, we are looking for players who are serious in their Christian faith, and are willing to follow the standards and expectations set by both the university and the team.

As a Christian team at a school like Biola, we hold our faith in high regard. We pray as a team before and after every practice and game, and invite the opposing team to pray with us as well. Our team philosophy is a two-prong approach that I like to call “Goals vs. Purpose”. We have goals, just like every athletic team, to win games, make playoffs, and be a successful team on the field. However our purpose goes much deeper than that. Our purpose as a team is to be an example of Christ to everyone who comes into contact with us.

Goals are largely temporary, and if not met, can leave you with an empty feeling. Purpose is a lifelong reason for existence, and does not end until God’s determined time. Goals are excellent short term things for us to aim for, and purpose is what keeps us going day after day.

I encourage you to research Biola and our team to determine if Biola is the best fit for your collegiate experience. To get even more in depth, I encourage you to visit Biola to get a feel of the atmosphere on campus. If you are interested in playing lacrosse at Biola, please use the Prospective Player Questionnaire below to send your information to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

– Coach Klett

Prospective Player Questionnaire

If you are interested in playing lacrosse at Biola, or simply have questions, please completely fill out the following interest form. Coach Klett will follow up with you to provide extra information on the recruiting process.

Click here to fill out our Prospective Player Questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lacrosse a Varsity Sport at Biola?

We are not a varsity sport, however, we do our best to provide you with a varsity experience while with the team. Much like the vast majority of MCLA teams, we are considered a ‘club’ team at Biola. The difference between ‘club’ and varsity is the support provided by the school’s athletic administration to a varsity team.

Why Would I Choose Club Lacrosse at Biola?

Biola University is an excellent Christian institution for your college education, offering 40 undergraduate majors and 145 professional fields of study. While the school classifies us as a ‘club’ team, the coaching staff is committed to providing you with a varsity experience. Lacrosse at Biola provides you with a unique Christian experience that challenges you academically, spiritually and physically. Biola is highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report among national universities, and is the top ranked Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) member school among national universities.

What Will My Time Commitment Be for Practices and Games?

During the fall we practice three times a week on weekdays. During the spring, we practice four times, in addition to weekly games. The minimum fall semester time commitment is six hours, with a minimum 10 hour time commitment in the spring semester.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Lacrosse at Biola?

Currently, players are required to pay dues amounting to $500 per season to cover conference and referee fees. Players who are new to the team are required to pay an additional $350 equipment fee, which includes custom gloves, helmet, and a personalized equipment bag. Because we never want a player to be turned away due to financial hardship, we are open to working within a player’s budget to accommodate them.

Does Biola Offer Scholarships or Admissions Assistance?

As a ‘club’ program, Biola does not offer lacrosse scholarships, nor is the team able to influence the admissions process. Prospective students should visit undergrad.biola.edu to learn more about the admissions process.

How Do I Visit Campus?

There are several options for touring Biola, including visitation events and personal tours. To find the event that best suits you, please visit http://undergrad.biola.edu/tour/ for a full list of events or to schedule your personal tour. When signing up for a personal tour, please use the ‘Coach Appointment’ option to schedule a meeting time with our coach.

Alumni Impressions

Scott Gamelson, ’13

“Biola Lacrosse was the most defining experience I had while at college. The friendships and tight knit community of this team created lifelong brothers. As athletes we always strived to win, but our main goal was to glorify God. Through our workouts, nightly practices, Bible studies, and games, we pursued that goal. This program, the leadership, and fellow teammates were, and will continue to be, a community for Christ in the lacrosse world.

Matt Hiett, ’09

“Getting to know other guys with the common goal of sharing Christ with others and working together for His glory was a major highlight for me (not to mention the love I gained for the sport of lacrosse and the high level of competition we faced). Watching my peers push each other through blood, sweat, and tears is a perfect example of iron sharpening iron, making each other better people and better players. The experiences I had in service and leadership as part of the club built hugely into the character that was developed in me through so many battles, many of which go far beyond mere wins and losses.”

Where have our players come from?

To date, our players have come to Biola from 23 states and four countries: Japan, Mexico, China, and Canada.

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