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The Biola lacrosse team is a club sport and currently has no financial support from Biola’s athletics budget, meaning your support is vital to the health of our program. With team equipment, travel expenses, and league fees, the cost of a season can add up quickly, and money often fails to go as far as we would like.

As a Christian lacrosse program, our goal is to glorify God in all we do. We consider this team to be a ministry as we interact with players and fans outside of Biola, and we desire to integrate lacrosse with our faith as we develop leaders in all aspects of life. Student-athletes and coaches invest much of their time and effort in this team, and we need your help to impact others for Christ through the sport of lacrosse.

Your tax-deductible donation helps the team continue to provide a ‘virtual varsity’ type of experience during their time as a student-athlete at Biola. We are sure you understand the value of intercollegiate athletics in the development of an individual’s character and discipline, and we ask you to consider your donation an investment in the leaders of tomorrow.

Donating to the team is easy: Click here for Biola’s donation page, under the “Designation” drop-down, choose “Other”, and type “Men’s Lacrosse Club” in the “How would you like to direct your donation?” text box. Your donation will be sent directly to our team account, and you will receive a receipt and thank you from Biola and the men’s lacrosse team.

How is the Money Spent? Where Do Our Funds Come From?

Fund Your Number

Our Fund Your Number campaign is designed to connect our current group of players with those who came before them, and help our student-athletes afford the costs of playing lacrosse. The idea is simple: looking at our current roster, an alumnus finds the player wearing the same jersey number and donates money to the team on behalf of that player. Donations of any size are welcome, and your donation will help that player with their annual team dues ($500), equipment payments ($550), or both.

Don’t see a player with the same jersey number as you? You can choose a player who is from the same high school as you, grew up in the same city or state, or simply plays the same position as you.

If you are interested in participating, please email Coach Klett for more information.

2001 Club

biola lacrosse 2001 club

ABOUT THE BIOLA MEN’S LACROSSE 2001 CLUB: We invite you to join the 2001 Club for Biola Men’s lacrosse, to help the team carry on the tradition of lacrosse that started in 2001. Biola Men’s Lacrosse would not be where we are today without the support of past players, families, and friends of the program.

The 2001 Club is a membership group, comprised of supporters of Biola Men’s Lacrosse, who are committed to helping the program reach new heights. Members of the 2001 Club pledge a minimum gift of $20.01 for each of a chosen statistic: team wins, team goals, team assists, team saves, team faceoff wins, or a statistic for an individual player. For example, in 2023, the team tallied 32 assists, equaling a minimum donation amount of $640.32; in 2023, Jesse Perez scored 15 goals, equaling a minimum donation amount of $300.15.

All gifts from the 2001 Club will go directly to helping Biola Men’s Lacrosse meet the financial demands that each season presents. As a non-NCAA team the future of lacrosse at Biola rests on the shoulders of its athletes and supporters. With player equipment, travel expenses, and league fees, the season can get quite expensive and often times our budget fails to extend as far as we would like. In addition to purchasing their own equipment, each player is also responsible to pay team dues in order to help cover these yearly operating costs. Your gift helps ensure the growth of Biola Men’s Lacrosse without putting additional financial burden on our student-athletes.

The 2001 Club is an easy, impactful way to ensure the continued growth of the program and its student-athletes.

HOW TO JOIN THE 2001 CLUB: To join the 2001 Club in support of Biola Men’s Lacrosse, please fill out our pledge agreement form.

Following the season, you will receive a pledge reminder asking for payment.