Because of the outstanding success of last season’s donation matching campaign, we are excited to announce a new way to connect with our current team and help our players with the financial burden of playing lacrosse.

The new ‘Fund Your Number’ campaign will be a yearly campaign that allows our alumni to connect with the current player who shares a common uniform number and help that player afford the dues and/or equipment they need to play. For those alumni who do not share a uniform number with a current player but still want to participate, they can work with Coach Klett to identify another player who they can connect with and assist.

Our dues remain at $500 per player per season, an amount that many of you are familiar with, as our dues have not increased in over 10 years. Unfortunately, while dues remain the same, our costs as a team only continue to increase – we currently average $23,000 per season in expenses. Equipment costs for new players remains at $450 – a package deal that provides them with everything they need to play.

Your gift to a player takes the financial burden of lacrosse from them and allows them to focus on school and practice without having to worry about how to afford to play lacrosse. A gift of $500 pays for dues for the entire season for a player, and a gift of $250 can cut their dues in half, but a gift of any amount helps tremendously.

If you are interested in participating for the 2022-23 season, please reach out to Coach Aaron Klett at or (425) 356-9344. He will match you with the player that shares your uniform number, or another player if your uniform number is not currently being used.

Making a donation is easy with Biola’s online donations. Click here for Biola’s donation page, under the “Designation” drop-down, choose “Other”, and type “Men’s Lacrosse Club” in the “How would you like to direct your donation?” text box. Your donation will be sent directly to our team account, and you will receive a receipt and thank you from Biola and the men’s lacrosse team.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support of this team. Without you we would not be able to do what we have done for these many years. Go Eagles!