April 27, 2017 – The 2017 Biola University men’s lacrosse season ends with 21 (!) new updates to the team’s record book, including three new top-dogs in their categories, and two new entries to the career groundball category. There’s a lot to cover from this season, so grab a snack and settle in for the long haul.

Single Season Records:

Senior attackman Jon Prichard adds yet another record to his storied Biola career, tying his 2016 goals output with 50 goals in 2017, keeping him firmly at the #4 spot for goals in a single season. Prichard also holds the #2 spot for his 56 goals in 2014. Senior midfielder Bryce Hummel also adds to his dominate midfield career; his 43 goals in the 2017 season are good for the #6 spot for goals in a season. Hummel is also tied at the #2 spot with his 56 goals in the 2016 campaign.

Prichard also finds a new home in the single season points category, with his 61 points in 2017 giving him the #7 slot. Prichard now holds down the #5 through #7 spot in that category. Hummel’s 50 points in 2017 position him one point shy of another spot in the top 10. Hummel currently holds the #4 and #9 spots.

Junior midfielder Peter Williamson’s name has become synonymous with groundballs over the past two seasons. Williamson’s 104 groundballs in 2017 not only tops the list of single season groundballs, but also marks the first Eagle ever to eclipse 100 groundballs in a season. Hummel finds himself on another top 10 list, with his 59 groundballs in 2017 earning him the #5 spot, in addition to the #2 and #8 spots that he already holds. Junior midfielder Andrew Casto enters the top 10 at the #10 spot with 45 groundballs in 2017.

Finally, senior goalie Isaac Delgado makes the top 10 for most saves in a single season. His 136 saves in 2017 is good enough to earn him the #7 spot.

Career Records:

Prichard had already vaulted himself to the top of the career goals heap, so his final season just put the record even more out of reach. Prichard ends his Biola career with 190 total goals. Not to be outdone, Hummel leaped from the #5 spot to claim the #2 spot. Hummel ends his Biola career with 148 goals.

Hummel also played leapfrog in the career assists category, jumping one spot to #3 with 60 assists. Prichard added to his assists total as well, claiming sole possession of the #9 spot with 46 assists. He was previously tied at #9 with several other players.

Not surprisingly, Prichard and Hummel also rewrote the career points records with their 2017 stats. Prichard overtook the top spot with his 236 points; he was previously #3. Hummel vaulted from the #6 spot all the way to #2 with 208 points. Both players are the first ever Biola lacrosse players to score over 200 points in a career.

The career groundball category saw the most movement of any in the list. Hummel retains his grip on the #1 spot, ending his career with 236 groundballs. Hummel is the first to grab over 200 groundballs. Williamson moved from #8 all the way up to #2 after his insane 104 groundballs this season, giving him 170 in his first two years. Andrew Casto jumped from #9 to #4 with 109 career groundballs.

Continuing with the groundballs, senior defender Matt Casto retains the #5 spot with 105 groundballs for his career. Prichard continues with his record-book career, finishing with 98 groundballs, good for the #8 spot. The 2017 season saw two newcomers to the career groundball category, as Delgado and junior midfielder Lorenzo Anzoleaga both etch their names in Biola history. Anzoleaga enters the list at #9 with 89 groundballs, and Delgado finds himself at the #10 spot with 80 groundballs.

Delgado entered the season at #7 in career saves, but a 136 save season moves him all the way up to #4 with 236. Delgado played all of 2017, and half of 2016, at the goalie position.

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