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Photo of four different people, all wearing a black hard hat

Relentless Effort Bucket – 2019 Season

Updated April 18, 2019 – If you follow us on social media you’ve no doubt seen the photos of our Relentless Effort Bucket recipients, but what does it mean? One of our team’s core culture beliefs is Relentless Effort, leading us to never quit, no matter the circumstances. Each game a recipient is chosen who best demonstrates that belief during the game.

Recipients thus far have been:

  • Caleb Koopman: 2/9 at University of San Diego
  • Garrison Thompson: 2/16 at Claremont Colleges
  • Michael Howard: More >
Jonathan Shaw

Player Spotlight: Jonathan Shaw

November 21, 2016 – As part of our Biola Lacrosse Connections newsletter, we feature a player from the current team, and ask them “Why did you choose to join the Biola lacrosse team?” October’s featured player is Jonathan Shaw. Jonathan is a freshman at Biola and will be playing his in first season at Biola in 2017. Here’s why Jonathan chose to play lacrosse at Biola:

My journey to the Biola lacrosse team began my freshman year of high school when I got cut from the high school baseball team. More >

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