Alumni Donation Challenge

Attention Biola lacrosse alumni,

One of our current Biola lacrosse families has issued a fundraising challenge as we return to the field for the first time since March 2020. This family has graciously chosen to match all alumni donations, up to $5,000, during the fall semester. Additionally, head coach and alumnus Aaron Klett will be matching donations up to $2,000.

What does this mean for your donation? Every alumni dollar given up to $2,000 will result in an additional $2 donated to the team, resulting in $6,000 in funding. Every alumni dollar given between $2,001 and $5,000 will result in an additional $1 donated to the team, also resulting in $6,000 in funding.

By meeting this challenge to raise $5,000 you have the opportunity to provide $12,000 in funding for our program. That amount of funding can go a long way to providing an outstanding experience for our student-athletes: helping players who cannot afford to pay on their own, equipping our athletes with the proper gear, refreshing our team equipment, and much more.

Donating is quick and easy using Biola’s online donation form. Once on the page, choose the amount you would like to give, choose “Other” in the “Designation” drop-down menu, and type “Men’s Lacrosse Club” in the text box. Your donation will be sent directly to our team account, and you will receive a receipt and thank you from Biola and the men’s lacrosse team. We ask that you please forward your donor e-mail receipt to in order to help us track donations.

As we enter our 20th season after a year away from the field we appreciate your support and thank you for your donation. Go Eagles!

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